The 2D Game — Beta Test 2 has been officially opened!

Join here:

Why do we launch Beta Test?

Beta Version aka Version 0 (V.0) is a trial, so it is not counted as an official version. …

Great tokenomic design is essential for creating great blockchain games. The games’ tokenomics need to achieve the following objectives:

1. Create a balanced and enjoyable gameplay challenge for players

2. Ensure this challenge is preserved when players can trade in-game assets with each other

3. Ensure game tokens have prices…

There are only a few more hours to our official launch of Warena Beta Test 2 version. This article will help you get used to how to log in to the game easier.

Step 1: Download MetaMask

Step 2: Switch your MetaMask wallet to BSC TestNet

Following the ongoing heat of the Meme Champions Contest, we’re here to help you ensure your chance to join and win this Meme contest.

Step 1: Create a MEME

Step 2: Complete tasks on Gleam HERE to have chances to enter the list of 20 winners. …

Chance to get free $RENA with a MEME. Why not?

🎯 About The Contest

We offer a playground for players to freely and creatively create memes related to Warena.

In case you want to participate but still need some ideas, here is some information for you to start your creation:

Warena kicked off the FROM HOLDER TO WARRIOR campaign from 2 PM Oct 13th, in which Warena Holders will receive APY 76–100% of the prize. The details are HERE.

In this article, we provide you with a complete guide on how to join and win.

Step 1: Visit PancakeSwap ->…

Details about the campaign: HERE

1. What is the time Warena starts From Holder to Warrior campaign and transactions start being deemed as eligible?

It starts at 2 PM UTC, October 13th, and will last 35 days.

2. Are the tokens from past Airdrop campaigns and IDO events counted in…

Dear our Beloved Warriors,

As we all know, Warena kicked off the FROM HOLDER TO WARRIOR campaign from 2 PM Oct 13th yesterday, in which Warena Holders will receive APY 100% of the prize. …

Holding $RENA and Get APY from 76% to 100%

With Warena’s initial IDO successfully launched, the community’s excitement is palpable. Holding onto the $RENA you buy is a much better way to earn profits, especially in the long run. …

Warena, the first personalized NFT metaverse game, has created an exciting new partnership with Illuvium.

Through this new partnership, both projects will begin to work towards a vision of cross-metaverse compatibility.

Illuvium is a fully decentralized RPG and collection game built on the Immutable X L2 network. Much like Warena…


Warena is the world’s first cross-over Play-to-earn Game that allows you to live, play and earn in a cross metaverse using your personalized NFT character.

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