All About Beta Test 2

3 min readOct 18, 2021

The 2D Game — Beta Test 2 has been officially opened!

Join here:

Why do we launch Beta Test?

Beta Version aka Version 0 (V.0) is a trial, so it is not counted as an official version. This early access version to our game is offered since the game is in a playable state but may not be feature-complete, or may still have several software bugs to be found.

And from the launch, we can get our players’ feedback better, which can help Warena’s developers tune the game’s direction, art, and software mechanics in anticipation of a final release.


Features in Beta Test 2

Here are the main features that will be ready to test in Warena V0 Beta 2:

🏃 Login game via Metamask

💸 Buy and sell NFT warriors on Warena marketplace

💪 Give 1 common warrior to start the game in beta-test

⚔️ Set up to 3 warriors to the team in main, top, bottom positions

🤖 Level up and upgrade skills for warriors

- There are 2 game modes: Adventure and Challenge. Both are in the form of tower defense.

🔮 In Adventure mode, players will need to pass stages to proceed and rank against each other based on the stage and the time to pass those stages.

🔥 In Challenge mode, players will play a fixed number of stages over and over again to farm items and level up their warriors.

**Ranking system is based on the achievements in Adventure mode

Who will get the prizes?

🏆 Top 500 Hall of Fame

👑 Top 50 winners of the Beta Feedback

How to join

👥 Check out Participants Whitelist HERE

🔐 Read about how to log in: On Medium | On LinkedIn

Beta Feedback

Join and tell us what you think about the Warena game with 2 easy steps:

STEP 1: Create idea feedback of gameplay in docs or video

STEP 2: Send your feedback using this form:

⏰ Time: From Oct 18 to 4.59 PM UTC, Oct 21st

The total reward for the best feedbacks is up to $620 USD, distributed as followed:

️🥇 Top 1: 10 RENA tokens + 1 Rare NFT
️🥈 Top 2: 10 RENA tokens + 1 Common NFT
️🥉 Top 3: 10 RENA tokens + 1 Common NFT

🏅 Top 4–10: 10 RENA tokens
️️🎖 Top 11–50: 5 RENA tokens

Claim $RENA for testnet

Let’s visit Warena’s marketplace and buy your NFT Warrior! You can use this warrior to play in your beta testing.

1️⃣ Claim RENA using MetaMask. Visit HERE and follow Instructions HERE

2️⃣ Visit our Marketplace to choose your favorite character!

3️⃣ Make a transaction with the wallet you used to sign up for Beta Test

4️⃣ Login to beta using the wallet above and enjoy the game 😉

That’s all about the Beta Test 2. If you have more concerns about our campaign, feel free to drop us questions at

Warena V0 Beta Test 2 is around the corner. Let’s get ready for one of the most important milestones from the Warena team! 🚀✨


About Warena

With the vision of bringing blockchain games to mass adoption, Warena is the world’s first cross-over Play-to-earn Game that allows you to live, play and earn in a cross metaverse using your personalized NFT character.

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Warena 3D has arrived! Explore an expansive virtual world where you can form guilds, farm, hunt, gather, and play games, all using in-game assets.