All About Warena DeFi Emporia (Part. 1)

6 min readMar 22, 2022


As development on Warena 3D Game is underway — with a tentative release date later in 2022 — team Warena is introducing its first step moving forward to its metaverse.

Created as a gamified decentralized finance zone within Warena Metaverse, Emporia is an on-chain NFT-land based ‘special’ area. However, Emporia is more than just a game with tradable and sellable utility-driven NFTs — the platform does much much more. Let’s delve deeper into it here in this article.


Emporia is a system of lands within Warena Metaverse for players to reside and do business in the Warena 3D world.

  • Geographical location and topographic distribution directly affect the properties of each land.
  • Each land can be exploited for business in different ways.


From the central city, players will play the role of reclaiming and expanding the territory.

Main City Hub — Eshuya (highlighted in Red)

  • Emporia’s Decentralized Finance zone (not available for sale)
  • Located right in the heart of the Sarama Highland area
  • Occupy an area of 20x20 slots
  • The main portal of the game when entering, where players can interact and experience the features of; Bank, Marketplace, Green House, etc.
Eshuya — City of Emporia

Area 2: Moonlit Glades (highlighted in Yellow)

  • 200 slots available for Presale in early April 2022
  • More valuable than other areas with twice the spawn rate of Resource Points compared to other areas

Area 3: Forlorn Woods (highlighted in Light Green)

  • Second round sale area
  • Parameters and properties are average

Area 4: Deadthorn Lands (highlighted in Bold Green)

  • Third round sale area
  • Own a low probability of discovering a Prehistoric Relic — the remnants of an ancient civilization. It is considered a particular type of Resource Point with many new uses.

Area 5: Terminus Veil (highlighted in Purple)

  • An unconquered wild nature area
  • Used to create special zones for players to experience adventure, organize events, etc.

The total land-use area of Sarama Highland is 6400 slots:

Eshuya — 400 slots.

Land open for sale to players — 6000 slots.

  • Area 2— The reserved “golden land” with 200 slots available for the presale in April.
  • Area 3— Normal zone.
  • Area 4— Third round sale area, with more Pre-history Relic with many new uses.


Each land slot will occupy an area of ​​10x10 pixels on the world map and have different parameters that directly affect the ability to exploit and use that land slot.

Terrain Distribution

Sarama Highland has 3 basic types of terrain:

  • Soil — shown in red, can be used for construction, farming, mining.
  • Water — shown in blue, can be rivers or lakes depending on the distribution of each slot, can be used for fisheries or building floating houses on the water.
  • Forest — shown in green, can be used for logging or hunting.

For each land slot on the map, the number of colored tiles distributed in each pixel is the actual topography of that slot when entering the Warena 3D mode.

Players can see the information on the terrain ratio of each land slot when clicking on them in the map interface of DeFi Land.

The slots are designed to ensure that any area contains all 3 types of terrain, and each terrain type occupies at least 2 pixels (2%) of the area in that slot.

Resource Point (RP)

Resource Points (RPs) are places where special types of resources can be exploited or normal resources found but in more abundance.

Each type of terrain can generate different types of Resource Points:

  • Soil — minerals
  • Forest — a herd of animals, berries
  • Water — the school of fish

The main element in the Sarama Highland area is nature (trees), so the forest terrain is dominant and preferred, which leads it to have 2 types of Resource Points compared to the other terrains.

Resource Point spawn rate

  • Depends on the distribution of terrain in each slot.
  • Each terrain pixel contained in that slot will provide 1% of the corresponding RP spawn rate of that terrain.
  • For example — a slot with a soil/water/forest ratio of 30/20/50 will have a 30% chance of spawning mineral RP, a 20% chance of spawning a school of fish RP, a 50% chance of spawning a herd of animals RP, and 50% chance to spawn berries RP.
  • The soil in Area 1 has twice the RP spawn rate than the rest, meaning that each terrain pixel provides 2% of the corresponding RP spawn rate instead of 1%.
  • When the spawn rate exceeds 100%, such as 130%, the first RP will definitely appear, and there will be 30% more spawn of the same RP in the corresponding terrain type.
  • Players are informed about the RP spawn rules so they can calculate it themselves, but the specific RP of each land is only revealed after purchase.
  • RP will occupy an area of ​​1 pixel (1% of the land in 3D mode), randomly appearing in a corresponding terrain tile. RPs are randomly generated with at least 2 pixels spacing between RPs. If the land has 2 identical RPs, then the 2 RPs must be at least 10 pixels apart.

Mining Resource Points on your territory

There are two ways of mining RP:

  • Idle (Passive Income) — Build the corresponding mining architecture at that RP location for a daily passive income of the respective resource type.
  • Minigames (Active Income) — Instead of building architecture, everyday players can actively play Minigames from each type of RP to receive corresponding resources.

Advantages and disadvantages of the two types of mining above:

🔸 Passive Income:

  • Enter every day to receive income after reaching the maximum level.
  • Require building the new architecture to start mining.
  • Pure resource exploitation, not much of a game experience.

🔸 Active Income:

  • Fun minigames, capable of getting twice as many resources as Idle.
  • Full of RPG survival skills experience.
  • Skill and ingenuity are needed.
  • Hard-working and patience are required.

With the new launch of Emporia in Warena Metaverse, it will open up more opportunities for players to understand not only the gameplay but also the future of Warena.

Stay tuned for Warena DeFi Land (Part. 2) to learn about all the minigames you can play within Emporia to earn your income.

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