Airdrop is a distribution of cryptocurrency or tokens to individuals’ wallet. It is usually for free after performing delegated tasks. The idea is to keep the airdropped token’s project in the minds of participants and expand the community

Warena is in full swing although the game hasn’t been launched yet. We want to attract as many would-be Warena users as possible in the pre-launching period as the release of our Warena Phase 1 — Survival 2D game will be one of the most important events of Warena ecosystem in Q3–2021.

Join Warena’s Airdrop

Participate in our Airdrop and earn 2 WARE (~$6) tokens for doing tasks and 1 point for each referral.

Warena is the first personalized and “play to earn” NFT Metaverse game. Bring your identity to a countervailing strategy NFT Metaverse game.

Airdrop rewards will be distributed on October 12th and 5,000 lucky random participants will be rewarded.

The top 100 users with the most referrals will each receive 10 WARE tokens.

Our Airdrop rules

1: Join Warena on Telegram Global group chat and our Warena Official Channel.

2: Follow Warena on Twitter and Retweet pinned post here

3: Submit your Binance smart chain-BSC address.

You will get to 1 point for each referral.

Airdrop rewards will be distributed on October 12th.

Please note: We will manually check the participants, mandatory tasks must be completed, unfinished will not get any tokens.

If you have any questions, please raise them in our Telegram group chat

Please Join our Telegram Group, and Press the “Done” button. Please stay active and engage in the conversation after joining, this way you will get the token.


About Warena

With the vision of bringing blockchain games to mass adoption, Warena is the world’s first cross-over Play-to-earn Game that allows you to live, play and earn in a cross metaverse using your personalized NFT character.

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Warena is a decentralized Metaverse. PLAY, EXPERIENCE, and MONETIZE using in-game assets in a large variety of mini-games and in-game activities!