Christmas & New Year Tournament — 100 NFT Boxes Giveaway

  • A Warena Christmas to Remember
  • Nobody’s been Naughty — Warena Launches (insane) Holiday Tournament Celebrations
  • Warena Launches Their Xmas Tournament with 100 NFTs Up for Grabs
  • 100 NFTs Being Given Away as Gifts? A Very Warena Xmas indeed!

Christmas has fully descended on the Warena metaverse and the marketing team is pulling out all the stops, with as much turkey, honey-glazed ham, stuffing, mince pies, candies, and gingerbread cookies as one could hope for! (Luckily one of the demons ate grandma’s fruitcake…)

There will be a Warena Xmas Tournament beginning Dec 21st, 2021, and lasting until Jan 3rd, 2022. 04 individual contests will run during this time, some beginning or ending on different dates.

There is a lot to cover so let’s just dive right in.

Contest 1: The First Christmas with Warena

Timeline: 23 December 2021 - 01 January 2022

Prize: 10 common mystery boxes up for grabs

These are the rules:
* Access a Gleam link.
* Like the Warena Facebook page.
* Post Christmas photos using the WarenaXmas filters on Facebook and add ‘#WarenaXmas’ hashtags. Participants must also tag All posts must be made ‘public.’
* Submit the post link to the Gleam
* 10 lucky pics (one per participant) will win a reward


Contest 2: Building a Snowman

Time: 21 December 2021 – 03 January 2022

Prize: 50 Rare and Common Mystery Boxes

Rules for Contest 2:
* Join the Discord community to get a survey link at #current_events channel.
* Fill in the survey and submit.
* 50 lucky participants will be awarded 1 of 50 Mystery Boxes.
* Winners for this contest will be contacted via their provided email by the Warena team.


Contest 3: The Spirit of #WarenaWarriorXmas

Time: 21 December 2021 – 01 January 2022

Prize: 20 Common Mystery Boxes

Rules for Contest 3:
* Access a Gleam link.
* Like the Warena Facebook page.
* Attach a specific #WarenaWarriorXmas frame to your Facebook profile picture.
* Share your Facebook avatar change on your wall with the hashtag #WarenaWarriorXmas and tag — all posts must be made ‘public.’
* Submit post link to Gleam.
* Keep the #WarenaWarriorXmas frame until January 07, 2022. **Note the gleam link closes on Jan 01 meaning players cannot enter after this time
* 20 lucky winners will be chosen randomly to receive a Common Mystery Box


Contest 4: ‘We Wish Our Warriors a Merry Xmas’

Time: 21 December 2021 – 03 January 2022

Prize: 20 Mystery Boxes

Rules for Contest 4:
* Access the Gleam link.
* Join the Warena Discord.
* Write a Xmas Wish in the Discord community.
* Submit the link of this wish from Discord to Gleam.
* You will get your own link to invite others to join in this contest. Post this link to as many friends as you can
* The top 20 participants having the highest invitees through their personal link will each win 1 of 20 Mystery Boxes.


The Warena community certainly has a lot to be thankful for this holiday season! Make sure to participate in each contest as winning a single contest does not exclude you from winning another. From the entire Warena team — Have a safe and joyous Warena Xmas!!!

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