Discord Weekly AMA Recap #001

Weekly AMA #001: Friday, March 11th, 2022

“We will have an NFT sale on the 17th of March. It’s a new series of 5 elemental mystery boxes, which we will be announcing next week. The rate of receiving a RARE when is 35% now, and the rarity of these boxes will still give Common and Rare NFTs because we want the Epic and Legend NFTs to save for the Warena 3D Game.”

The next event is going to be the Pre Sale of land in Emporia — which is one of Warena’s smaller projects — a system of lands for players to live and do business in the Warena 3D world, you can live and do business in those lands.

  • Geographical location and territory distribution have a direct impact on the characteristics of each land like water, jungle,…
  • We will be selling lands with the most value from the center first and gradually selling the surrounding lands. Each land can be exploited for business in different ways.”

“Our staking feature will be released soon with our Emporia and Guild feature in the game — 2 main features of Warena in Q2, 2022. We want to focus more on game quality and accomplish milestones within our roadmap. Besides that, we want all features to be tied together and meaningful to our community and match our game story. That means our staking option will be a little bit different from another project but this still gives you revenue and a new experience.

We are excited to launch the stake along with the Emporia and the Guild because you guys can stake within your guild/clan and earn benefits according to the strengths of each guild. The more powers a guild has, the more each of its members gains. ”

“We are adding more features like staking in Emporia decentralized finance zone to the game and we believe that after we release all the features, WARE will be added more utilities. The more utilities WARE got, the higher value it will get. We will have a detailed announcement next week on the Emporia and the presale so stay tuned and follow our channels to keep updated!”

“We have some updates to the Fusion feature. Fusion feature will be now named Essence which allows the burning mechanism of the NFTs. Although Essence was not in the Roadmap, we think it’s necessary to add to the pipeline as we believe it will benefit our community members even more. We are updating documents and will be releasing them soon, probably within next month.”

“We published the sales of a new mystery box with a new mechanism, and now we will use the same mechanism just like this box sale event.

Due to the current market situation, we have decided to will use two-thirds of the revenue to buy back WARE & RENA. We’re working hard to make sure we protect the benefits of our stakeholders.”

About Warena

With the vision of bringing blockchain games to mass adoption, Warena is the world’s first cross-over Play-to-earn Game that allows you to live, play and earn in a cross metaverse using your personalized NFT character.

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Warena 3D has arrived! Explore an expansive virtual world where you can form guilds, farm, hunt, gather, and play games, all using in-game assets.

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Warena 3D has arrived! Explore an expansive virtual world where you can form guilds, farm, hunt, gather, and play games, all using in-game assets.