Frequently Asked Questions about “From Holder to Warrior”

Details about the campaign: HERE

1. What is the time Warena starts From Holder to Warrior campaign and transactions start being deemed as eligible?

It starts at 2 PM UTC, October 13th, and will last 35 days.

2. Are the tokens from past Airdrop campaigns and IDO events counted in this “From Holder to Warrior” campaign?

No. We are not counting the holders from the private and public sales or tokens from the 2 Airdrops.

But these people can still participate in the campaign if they buy RENA from PancakeSwap using a different wallet.

3. Is there any Staking plan in the future?

Please stay tuned for $RENA Staking Function in November.

4. How long will the token need to be held in the holder’s wallet?

Holders will have to hold their tokens for at least 30 days to be eligible.

5. If my amount of $RENA is not in the Top 100, what is the reward?

The prize of APY 76% will be distributed to Holders who hold the minimum of 100 $RENA for at least 30 days throughout the campaign.

Reward Pool: Up to $20,000 worth of RENA tokens

6. If my $RENA balance is below the number I have submitted in the Form, will I still be eligible?

The $RENA Balance in your wallet must not be below the amount you submitted in the Form throughout the campaign.

In the event of having many wallets and transactions, please enter the final wallet that you will hold the $RENA for this campaign, and your last transaction Pancakeswap link.

7. On what exchange can I buy $RENA?

You can buy $RENA on PancakeSwap

Smart Contract: 0xa9D75Cc3405F0450955050C520843f99Aff8749D

If you have more concerns about our campaign, feel free to drop us questions at

Hope you guys enjoy staying with us for a long haul. Cheers!


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