Infinity Capital brings its wealth of XP to WARENA

With extensive support for the cryptocurrency and DeFi space since 2016, Infinity Capital is bringing its abundance of experience to the WARENA project.

Infinity Capital specializes in investing into high-potential and financially sound blockchain and distributed-ledger technology projects. Their goal is to share their expertise with these promising projects and advance the overall level of development and professionalism within the cryptocurrency-led and DeFi industries.

WARENA is motivated to have Infinity Capital on board as a partner, as the team feels now is the time to further establish an extensive partner network in Vietnam while also reaching out to other countries around the globe. Infinity Capital brings with them over 10,000 investor partners, community management support, and most importantly, the ability to give WARENA widespread news coverage and public awareness of this new type of gaming vision.

About Infinity Capital

Infinity Capital is one of the largest investment funds of blockchain technologies from South East Asia and has been a leading contributor to the Play-to-Earn movement. Their portfolio of NFT games and products including Thetan Arena, DeFi Warrior Heroes & Empire, StarPunk, and most recently, Elemon.


WARENA is the first heavily-personalized and Play-to-Earn NFT Metaverse game. The Warena metaverse features two types of tokens — the Fungible Token and the Non-Fungible Token (NFT), both of which are used for allowing players to experience the full depth of gameplay. The game also features PvE (player vs environment), PvP (player vs player) and PvP Arena (player vs players) modes, making for an exciting combination of genres that can appeal to a broad audience of players across platforms and eras of gaming.


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Warena is a decentralized Metaverse. PLAY, EXPERIENCE, and MONETIZE using in-game assets in a large variety of mini-games and in-game activities!