Introducing Emporia: A Metaverse Where Anything is Possible

4 min readMay 25, 2022


The phenomenon that is modern gaming has made it the largest entertainment industry on earth, reaching 200 billion dollars in annual revenue for the year 2021. Over 3 billion people on earth play games for fun, to challenge themselves, and to form new social connections. More than any other form of media, games can immerse us with interactive stories, amazing virtual worlds, new types of challenges and truly groundbreaking forms of design.

Since its launch, Warena has been at the forefront of play and earn gaming, changing not only how we game, but the very structure by which a gaming company and its users interact, develop and monetize. Now Warena is ready to go beyond the Warena 2D screen and enter the Metaverse, a place where the line between reality and our virtual playgrounds blur and merge together.

CEO Minh Doan would like to announce Emporia, the next evolution of Metaverse gaming. The Warena community will still be able to play their favourite game and develop their warriors, but now Warena will be rebranded into the larger Metaverse known as Emporia. The advent of Emporia will help bring the Metaverse to reality, by helping people connect, socialize and interact in a place that goes beyond traditional gaming. The Metaverse will let you share truly interactive and immersive experiences with other people, a hybrid of gaming and social media driven by real game ownership.

Who is Emporia’s target audience?

The best part of the Metaverse is that it is for everyone. Creating warm and welcoming virtual spaces doesn’t have to be limited to one type of game or activity. Our goal is always to create a space that satisfies a wide variety of players, people who are seeking social connections and achievements in gaming.

The Metaverse vision is to blend the excitement of gaming along with the meaningful social interaction we can experience with online virtual social spaces. Emporia will allow players to express their unique one of a kind personality through their digitized virtual identity, trade and farm real digital assets, and play an assortment of different games while creating new spaces to socialize, all while merging the game with other Metaverses to create a multiverse within the Metaverse.

What does the future hold?

We see the future of Metaverse gaming as an inevitable and unstoppable shift in the industry, creating amazing virtual spaces that encourage a multitude of activities and inclusion. The future holds endless possibilities and Emporia represents our goal to strive to create a truly new virtual world that has something for everyone.

Emporia plans to connect with many different chains for true cross-chain gaming, allowing others to bring their games and characters into our Metaverse too. Currently, we have a bridge with the Harmony One chain and are looking to expand the Metaverse cross-chain compatibility to create an even more complex world where you can be whatever you want, and do all the things you dreamed of being able to do.

In addition, Emporia has also recently partnered with Rove. Rove is a metaverse as a service provider for any and all projects, communities, or teams out there that want to establish a presence in the metaverse. It’s not easy to build a metaverse from scratch, and this partnership will bring great value to the Emporia Metaverse by allowing for faster development with a project experienced in creating the best truly free and open Metaverse world.

“This is a thrilling and monumental day for this company, our employees and our fans. This is the culmination of so much hard work and dedication from our team, guided by our amazing and loyal fanbase,” said Doan. “The winners today are our fans and community, both new and old. Emporia will realize so many of the aspirations of what this Metaverse could be as communicated by the community, while also creating a world that will usher in a new wave of players and fans to experience the best in gaming.”

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About Warena

Warena is a decentralized Metaverse. The game is a cross-chain play-to-earn sandbox with a variety of character-driven NFT based on an amazing post-apocalyptic science-fiction world, featuring purchasable land, DEXs, and an open market driven by the community. Within Warena, players can PLAY, EXPERIENCE, and MONETIZE using their in-game assets in a large variety of minigames and in-game activities.

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