Top 4 Reasons to Get Yourself Warena NFTs

With the Warena game launch just days away, and hype ramping up throughout the community from December’s announcement of the Warena and Binance NFT partnership, it the time for you to get yourself one of these high value and high utility NFTs in now!

Let’s break down some of the top reasons why owning a Warena NFT is beneficial for your bank account!

  1. Warena NFTs Are Highly Unique

With 4 different rarities, 5 original races (to start), and 5 elemental systems, each NFT has a unique appearance and the ability to grow in strength along its own path. This means that each NFT will increase in value over time, especially as they are leveled up.

2. All the Game’s Activities Reward You

There’re many activities that help your NFT earn profits — including battle passes, quests, events and dungeons. Rewards can be quite lucrative from some events, dropping both $WARE (the in-game currency) and sometimes even $RENA (the governance token). And of course, all of the activities give your NFT warrior experience, making them more powerful.

3. More time = more gain

Warena has a large mission system with large rewards for passing certain milestones. Depending on the level achieved by a player, mission rewards too can become quite lucrative. One’s return will go hand in hand with the time put into the game.

4. Passive Income is Real (whether you play or not)

If you play the game, you will earn a passive income in a number of ways. Completing missions earns you in-game tokens ($WARE), and even $RENA. Just by owning NFTs, you can lease or sell these on the marketplace. Leasing will of course allow you to collect a % of the rewards from those using your NFTs.

Staking your NFT will also soon be possible, which will allow players to earn income as the NFT is put to work supporting the blockchain network and helping confirm transactions. The profits generated by the game will be shared with those who have staked their assets to the platform!

When the Warena game launches, there is going to be a flurry of activity and excitement — so make sure you don’t miss out! Game launches occur only once! You can pick up a mystery box on BinanceNFT now!

About Warena

With the vision of bringing blockchain games to mass adoption, Warena is the world’s first cross-over Play-to-earn Game that allows you to live, play and earn in a cross metaverse using your personalized NFT character.

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