Trial Mode In Warena 2D Game

3 min readApr 26, 2022

The Warena team has always had one goal, to make a P2E game that sets trends, and doesn’t follow them. To make a game that incentivizes and rewards the players with real in-game rewards, while still being fun to play. Warena is now offering a new model for all users to experience the Survival 2D Game. The new game mode will be called Trial Mode and will be the next evolution of our already successful 2D survival game.

1. Overview

Trial Mode in Warena refers to a Free-to-Play (F2P) model in which Warena does not charge the user or player to join the game. This feature allows new players to experience the Warena 2D game without paying or purchasing NFTs.

When players first log in to Warena 2D Game, the screen will show two options:

  • Trial Mode: free-to-play mechanism, able to earn Mystery Boxes as rewards.
  • Main Mode: play-to-earn mechanism, earn $WARE tokens with Adventure, Challenge, and World Boss.

These two modes are separate, and open for every Warena Game account.

2. How does Warena Free to Play work?

When players start Trial Mode, the system will grant them a welcome set of 3 Human Fire NFTs at level 1.

All NFTs in Trial Mode do not sit on the blockchain. Therefore, they cannot be traded or transferred.

The Trial Mode journey has 70 stages in total. The gameplay will follow just like Adventure mode, in which players have to win stages to move forward and earn rewards.

In this mode, however, players will not gain the Warena WARE token as a final reward. After winning stages, players will receive level-up and skill upgrade items to power up the NFT without any WARE cost.

3. Rewards in Warena Free to Play

For each stage won, players will gain Materials for leveling up their NFTs, and Minerals for NFT Skill upgrades.

Furthermore, once players pass certain milestones, they will receive valuable rewards as follows:

  • Win stage 29: Receive a level 1 Rare NFT. This NFT will be added directly to your team and can only be used in Trial Mode.
  • Win stage 51: Receive a Lite Box on Warena Marketplace.
  • Win stage 70: Receive a Premium Box on Warena Marketplace.

Trial Mode not only allows players to experience the exciting gameplay of the Warena 2D Survival game but also introduces the way that new players can use in-game resources to level up and increase the value of their NFT warriors as they progress through the stages of the game. There has never been a better time to join the battle.

Play Warena today and try the Warena Trial Mode today to see why Warena is one of the most exciting projects in the P2E game space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I use an NFT that is not from Trial Mode to play it?

Unfortunately no. You can only use the free NFTs provided by Warena in this Trial Mode.

Q. Can I sell the box rewards I receive?

Yes. You can choose to open or trade the Lite Box, and Premium Box following the usual process on the Warena Marketplace.

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