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5 min readMay 31, 2022

Have too many unused or underdeveloped NFT warriors? Looking to take your favourite NFT warriors to the next level? Warena Essence is an excellent way for you to reorganise and maximize your NFT collection, using what you already own!

Let’s be honest, not all warena warriors are created equal. We all have favourites, maybe it’s your strongest NFT or your first, or one you have steadily levelled up to be your best, but then what can we do with our excess warriors that rarely see the battlefield? Warena Essence is the answer! By using your old less commonly used NFT warriors, players can earn Essence, which can then be used to dramatically increase and evolve your team to new heights of badassery.

1. What is Warena Essence?

Warena Essence, also known as Essence, is a held item that first appeared in the Warena 2D game and is classified by an NFT’s Element.

Types of Essence

To create Essence, players must first burn their NFTs or known as Disenchant on Warena Marketplace. NFT when joined in Disenchant, will be able to generate Essence compatible with its element. NFT’s rarity also plays a crucial part in the Disenchant process. The higher the rarity, the more Essence you will gain. All materials and minerals utilized to upgrade the NFT will not be returned after the process.

Important: To avoid any unwanted error, you must reload the Warena 2D Game to update your Team after Disenchant.

Disenchant: Burn NFT to get Essence

Players can also use Essence to buy certain items in the Essence Shop.

To check the availability of your items, just go to your Inventory and then select the Item tab.

Player’s Item

2. Evolve NFT using Essence

Players can use Essence to Evolve any NFT, allowing them to achieve their Next Evolution limit. But to Evolve, an NFT first has to be at its maximum level. Certain NFTs will be able to Evolve when consuming the respective Essence, meaning the Essence must match the NFT’s Element. The higher rarity, the more Essence and WARE cost per Evolve.

Evolve NFT on Warena Marketplace

Each NFT has 7 phases of Evolve. Each time, Evolve will have a specific success rate, and with each successful Evolve, the required Essence and WARE will increase, while the success rate will decrease.

Resources used for Evolve NFT
NFT Evolve phases

After Evolving successfully, an NFT’s level and skill will be reset to 1. A certain amount of the resources spent to level up the NFT will be refunded, but no skill resources will be refunded. The return of resources is as follows:

  • Common: 400 W-Crystal, allowing NFT to reach level 20.
  • Rare: 1850 W-Crystal, allowing NFT to reach level 35.
  • Epic: To be updated.
  • Legend: To be updated.
Evolve NFT successful

In addition, one of the NFT’s bases stats will be raised by a set amount after successfully Evolving. The stat increase is random and will be based on this specific formula: New stat = Old stat * 1.13. The evolution process is particularly beneficial for owners of common NFTs the most, as common NFTs that complete the 7 levels of evolution can transform their NFT into a technically rare NFT.

Important: To avoid any unwanted error, you must reload the Warena 2D Game for this latest stats update.

If Evolve fails, the NFT will retain its existing stats but you will lose all resources utilized throughout the Evolve procedure.

Evolve NFT failed
No resources to use for Evolve NFT

Play and earn gaming rewards its players by giving them real-world ownership of their in-game assets. At Warena, it is crucial that our most dedicated players can always find value, even in their most underutilized assets. Warena Essence allows you to evolve and develop the most deadly and skilled warriors you can, by using old lesser used NFT.

Build your Essence, evolve, and transform your collection into a streamlined powerhouse of warriors ready to take your game to the next level!

Update to the latest Warena version and experience this new feature now:

▶️ Android: https://bit.ly/warena-android
▶️ iOS: https://apple.co/3Ittsbp
▶️ Web: https://play.warena.io/

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What will happen to all the Essence I used in Evolve if I sell my NFT?

Unfortunately, you will only receive a certain amount of level up material as Warena Marketplace has stated if you sell your NFT successfully.

Q. Will the NFT Evolve Phase reset to 1 if I sell my NFT?

No. The Evolve Phase of your NFT will remain the same once it is sold to the buyer, just like the NFT skill.

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