Warena launches Guild System with Staking, Chatting and many more

1. Overview

  • Chat
  • Market
  • Contribution
  • Quests
  • Guild Land is the Land where all the guild members can access its Resource Points in the 3D Game. Guild also has its own Guild building.
  • Normal Land is the Land that doesn’t have a Guild created and only the owner can access its Resource Points in 3D Game.

2. Guild Characteristic

2.1. Name

2.2. Emblem

2.3. Land

2.4. Description

2.5. Level & Member

3. Guild Resources

  • Contribution Points: Used to upgrade the Guild and calculate the rewards from staking. Players can get it when using the Contribution feature.
  • Guild Currency: Used to buy items in the market. Players can get it through the Contribution and Daily Quest.

4. Guild Role

4.1. Guild Leader

  • Market
  • Contribution
  • Chat
  • Guild Manager

4.2. Senior

  • Market
  • Contribution
  • Chat

4.3. Junior

  • Market
  • Contribution
  • Chat

5. Guild Function

5.1. Create a Guild

5.2. Join and Leave

5.3. Guild Information

5.4. Guild Manager

  • Rename: The Guild Leader can change the Guild name. Each Rename costs 5000 WARE.
  • Description: The Guild Leader can change the description of the Guild. Free of charge.
  • Approve member: Every time someone wants to join the Guild, the Guild Leader will receive an in-game mail notification. The Guild Leader has the right to accept or reject that request.
  • Remove member: The Guild Leader can remove any member from the Guild. That member will receive in-game mail regarding the removal. There will be a seven-day countdown before officially being removed for those who have RENA staking progress in the Guild. Removed members must claim the RENA and interest within the seven-day countdown.

5.5. Chat

5.6. Contribution

  • Contribution Point: 1 Rena stake = 1 Contribution Point.
  • Capacity: the amount of RENA they can stake. Guild members need to burn WARE to increase Capacity with the ratio of 160 WARE = 1 RENA. After that, members can go to Emporia to stake RENA and earn Contribution Point for your Guild. The minimum amount for each time of stake is 20 RENA and a seven-day period till the next Stake.

5.7. Market

6. Guild Reward

6.1. Quest

6.2. Staking

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