Warena Monthly Token Burn Schedule

What is Token Burn?

  • RENA token burn is not a form of tax or fee. Team Warena does not gain benefits from burning tokens.
  • Burn RENA Token to serve the interests of the community, limit or prevent actions that harm the system, and ensure the RENA ecosystem is healthy.
  • Our goal is to balance the game, reduce total supply, and create scarcity to increase the value of the RENA token.

RENA Token Burn Records

  • April 2022: 0x0a022e10e861ee6ec9f482deb5700d670ed2d7d3fd97c964891cbea6518cdb63
  • May 2022: 0x285449b13dd20da8981e6c87f3886afec7936938cb615b86e432a18a2face1eb
  • June 2022: 0xce7c733c0a1b0e40449273ade1c7bd65922c990f141421f871b56eb304c4e565
  • July 2022: 0xfcec6c16c3e821fe8255d1a5dc08a2ed0680326fc67891bc5920def781663364
  • August 2022: TBU
  • September 2022: TBU

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