Warena Monthly Token Burn Schedule

2 min readJun 1, 2022

What is Token Burn?

Token burn is an operation to destroy a number of Tokens in order to reduce the total supply of Tokens existing in the Warena system. The amount of Burned Tokens will not belong to any account but will be lost forever.

  • RENA token burn is not a form of tax or fee. Team Warena does not gain benefits from burning tokens.
  • Burn RENA Token to serve the interests of the community, limit or prevent actions that harm the system, and ensure the RENA ecosystem is healthy.
  • Our goal is to balance the game, reduce total supply, and create scarcity to increase the value of the RENA token.

Therefore, Team Warena officially announced that we will be burning 5% of our revenue at the end of each month for the next 6 months starting from April 2022.

After this 6-month period, we will hold a DAO governance poll to allow our token holders/investors to adjust the burn rate if necessary.

RENA Token Burn Records

As previously announced, Team Warena will update the transaction history for each Burn for the next 6 months:

  • April 2022: 0x0a022e10e861ee6ec9f482deb5700d670ed2d7d3fd97c964891cbea6518cdb63
  • May 2022: 0x285449b13dd20da8981e6c87f3886afec7936938cb615b86e432a18a2face1eb
  • June 2022: 0xce7c733c0a1b0e40449273ade1c7bd65922c990f141421f871b56eb304c4e565
  • July 2022: 0xfcec6c16c3e821fe8255d1a5dc08a2ed0680326fc67891bc5920def781663364
  • August 2022: TBU
  • September 2022: TBU

Stay tuned for the latest news from us!

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