Warena Partners With Illuvium: Will Look to Cross-Metaverse

3 min readOct 8, 2021


Warena, the first personalized NFT metaverse game, has created an exciting new partnership with Illuvium.

Through this new partnership, both projects will begin to work towards a vision of cross-metaverse compatibility.

Illuvium is a fully decentralized RPG and collection game built on the Immutable X L2 network. Much like Warena, Illuvium is creating their own metaverse and they share much of the same vision as Warena — a Defi game revolution, where once the game is up and running, there will be a slow transition to DAO-type governance.

So too does Illuvium see that a truly exceptional game that is built around crypto, NFTs and Defi needs to “provide a distinctive and original solution: an emotive experience that is consistently intriguing and rewarding throughout the entire process, from discovery all the way to exchange.”

The current ILV market cap is $287M and either Ethereum or their in-game currency token, sILV, can be used to purchase in-game items. The ILV price is now a whopping $507.85 and the total amount staked is $618,185,240!

Warena, as a project that still has a phase 2 rollout in 2022, will be introducing phase 1, its tower defense 2D game in October 2021.

Phase 1 will allow new players and adoptees of the project to begin to build resources and purchase the first influx of NFTs to the game. What will set Warena apart is the personalization dedicated to each owned warrior in-game. Warriors will be unique to begin with and will only become more genuine as the player upgrades and infuse them with the essence of other broken-down characters.

Warena’s initial IDO is just around the corner, happening on Red Kite and DAO maker on Oct 7th as well as on Ignition on Oct 8th, 2021.

Warena is the first game incubated by GenesisBuilders Fund ( https://genesisbuilders.fund/ ), an investment fund that was created by builders for builders. Warena also has some notable backers in the crypto and blockchain industry, including Animoca, Dao Maker, Red Kite, Infinity Ventures, and Master Ventures.

Warena promises a high level of cross-game integration in Phase 2, going as far as to say that Axies from Axie Infinity, pets from MyDefi Pet and your favorite shooter from CatGunner can all join in the fun and adventure once the Warena Metaverse explodes into creation.

About Illuvium:

Illuvium is an open-world RPG adventure game built on the Ethereum Blockchain. Players can journey across vast and varied landscapes while on a quest to hunt and capture deity-like creatures called Illuvials.


About Warena

With the vision of bringing blockchain games to mass adoption, Warena is the world’s first cross-over Play-to-earn Game that allows you to live, play and earn in a cross metaverse using your personalized NFT character.

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