Warena: Recap AMA Dec 29th, 2022

4 min readJan 4, 2023


Recently, Warena held an AMA section in the community with the aim to resolve community questions, engage with the community and give guidance leading into 2023. The recap is shown below.

Question 1: What is new in the latest updated version of Warena?

1. In-Game “Store”:

  • Items for sale include Potions (lucky & speed), Box/Support packages (Quantum box, Mineral support, Forest support, etc.), and packs.
  • Opened Support packages will randomly generate the type of resource corresponding to the box and quantity.
  • Opened Quantum boxes will produce modules which can be used to enhance armor and weapons. Quantum boxes can be purchased in the shop OR built in the build/craft section.

2. Enhance Armor and Weapons:

  • The combat module can be obtained when opening the “quantum box”.
  • Each module increases an armor or weapon stat by one.
  • The module will be lost after inserted, however the player can overwrite the installed module.

3. Upgrade House

  • Players now have the ability to change the shape of the main/guild house.

4. Withdraw and deposit Warena 3D Items

  • Items in the NFT list can now be transferred from the game to your wallet and vice versa.

Question 2: Why has the price dropped so much? What is going on?

Thank you for taking the time to share your concerns, and rest assured that we are always basing both short and long term company policy on extracting the most value possible for our players.

Currently, we are vesting tokens, as previously stated, to repay our investors for their support of Warena. Furthermore, the general bear market both in crypto and the global economy as a whole has had an effect on price, causing a drop. We obviously never want this to happen, but broad market conditions are not in our control.

As a result, we always try our best on what we can control, the Warena product, in order to bring you a community-based game that is fun, valuable, and adaptive to every type of market condition.

Question 3: How do I get $WARE to buy items in-store?

You can swap to $WARE in any DEX (Pancake Swap).

Question 4: When will earnings be available?

Earnings will be updated in 2023. We will be sure to advise the community when this information is available. Please note, players can still earn, but not from daily quests, but instead from trading items on the Warena Marketplace.

Question 5: Who is the Warena Project owner?

Vu is the Project owner from the Warena inception until now. He has appeared once in Warena’s previous AMA’s. You can see more about Vu on the project’s IG page at:


Question 6: Who are Kanie and Khoi? Are they bots or what? Are they part of the team?

Both Kanie and Khoi are currently working as team members on the Warena project. Khoi is the Warena planner and Kanie is one of our UD.

Question 7: What do you say to those who “trusted the project” but now say they “got scammed”?

Time will answer this question. Just as we focus on not over-promising when the market is up, we do not believe in panicking when the market is down. Web3 projects have a very limited history to judge market activity, and the speculative nature of Game-Fi means that it is being hit even harder as the entire global economy struggles.

First, Warena does not promote easy money with huge profits. We promote what we believe is in the best interest, both short and long term for our players. If we were a scam, we’d flee as soon as the market struggles, there is no reason for a scam project to still be active, including hosting AMAs, developing/updating the product every month, etc.

Always remember, The Warena Discord is always on duty, and has Malas as our active UD. Twitter is the best place to get concise updates regarding the project’s recent activity, and the Dev team is currently working hard to build new products and services that improve the Warena experience.

About Warena

Warena is a cross-chain play-to-earn sandbox game that is part of the Emporia Metaverse. Character-driven NFT fights for the survival of earth in an amazing post-apocalyptic science-fiction world. Emporia is the virtual world in which Warena takes place. Emporia is a finite virtual space that is purchasable, transferrable, and mineable, featuring endless player utility and a variety of active and passive ways to utilize your assets to get the most out of the platform. Emporia has its own decentralized finance zone (Eshuya city) and variable terrains that provide different types of benefits to the owner based on location and topography. PLAY, EXPERIENCE, and MONETIZE using your in-game assets in a large variety of minigames and in-game activities.

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