Warena Tokenomics 101

5 min readOct 18, 2021

Great tokenomic design is essential for creating great blockchain games. The games’ tokenomics need to achieve the following objectives:

1. Create a balanced and enjoyable gameplay challenge for players

2. Ensure this challenge is preserved when players can trade in-game assets with each other

3. Ensure game tokens have prices that translate in-game successes into financial payoffs

4. Create a game that puts the players’ interests first

To meet these objectives Warena takes inspiration from leaders in the crypto gaming space and employs a dual-token design:

  • The WARE token will mainly be used for gameplay mechanics and serves as the dedicated off-ramp that allows players to transform their gameplay wins into a financial benefit
  • The RENA token will have some limited gameplay interactions, but will mainly be used for a separate set of governance and staking utilities, that help ensure the community has a say in governance and shares in the project’s overall success

This setup offers Warena the flexibility to optimize gameplay reward mechanics with the WARE token, and evolve these further as new game features roll out. RENA meanwhile, is capped at a maximum supply with defined vesting schedules that offers the community governance utilities with clear, well-defined scarcity characteristics.

We explore some details of how both these tokens are used in Warena’s economy below.

Please note that specific figures and details provided below represent the plans current to the date of this article. As the project advances, data collected from alpha and beta player tests may lead the team to amend these details to create the best player experience possible.

Key economic activities

In Warenas’ initial roll-out, there are three general activities that can affect user token-holdings:

  • Gameplay
  • Marketplace purchases
  • Staking

We will look at how WARE and RENA are used in each of these areas.


Battles and tasks that are successfully completed by players, will reward them with WARE.

In order for WARE to retain a scarcity that preserves its financial value, uses for WARE also have to be defined that makes spending of WARE an essential part of enjoyable gameplay.

Some of these uses for WARE will be defined in marketplace purchases, and others will enable key events in gameplay progression.

But gameplay mechanics themselves also offer good opportunities for taking WARE out of circulating supply, to preserve its scarcity:

  • Battle actions (e.g. special attacks) need to be paid for in WARE
  • Temporary multipliers to stats enhancers and enemy debuffs can be paid for in WARE
  • Access to different gameplay areas or contests can be paid for in WARE

Each time WARE is collected, 20% will be routed to the treasury, and the remaining 80% can be burned.

In the short term, this removes 100% of WARE collected from the circulating supply.

The treasury collection fee is there to ensure it receives a consistent inflow of WARE tokens. This helps fund the provision of WARE made available for sale through the marketplace and increases the flexibility the treasury has over how it exercises WARE-funding actions in the future.

RENA will be made available to players as an in-game reward as well. These tokens are funded from the “rewards” allocation, which is subject to a smart-contract controlled vesting schedule. This creates an upper bound on the contribution to RENA emissions made by this process. As a result, the opportunities to earn RENA will be much more limited than the chances to earn WARE, and are expected to only be granted for more exceptional gaming achievements.



The marketplace is where Warena players go to purchase various items. The extent to which these items will be currently TBD.

For items sold by the company, players will have the option to play in an established digital token, BNB (reflecting the fact that Warena is building on Binance Smart Chain).

However, Warena will also allow all marketplace users to claim a fixed % discount on the BNB price if they purchase these items using the RENA token.

Additional limited and special discounts will also be available to players who achieve special milestones in gameplay. These are expected to include the option to burn WARE to access greater discounts on these purchases, which provides Warena with another discretionary way of regulating WARE scarcity.

WARE bought in the marketplace

As discussed, WARE is used in real-time gameplay mechanics, and enables important player progression events, like attaining new NFTs.

As a digital asset, WARE will be able to be freely bought and sold on the open market on DEXes and centralized exchanges. Nevertheless, for convenience, the Warena marketplace will also allow players to buy WARE from the same portal they use to buy and sell other game assets.

The exact price of WARE at the time of writing this article is still TBD.


Warriors come in four rarities:

  1. Common
  2. Rare
  3. Epic
  4. Legend

A character’s rarity remains fixed for its entire existence (with the exception of the epic class, which can be upgraded to the legend class, which currently, is a TBD feature mechanics-wise).

Rentals and leasing

Warena NFTs are going to become very valuable, but we wish to create the opportunity for players to take part in playing with awesome character NFTs regardless of their background.

To facilitate this Warena will also be developing inbuilt leasing options into the marketplace, for use by the owners of NFT assets.

Owners can set a fee that they claim from WARE and RENA earned by the lessee inside the game while playing with this character, with Warena claiming a share of the lessor’s fee.


RENA holders will be given the option to share in Warena’s revenues by staking their tokens.

The pooled funding staking disbursements will initially be set to 5% of all treasury proceeds. The APY paid out to stakers will depend on the amount of revenues earned by the platform and the total quantity of RENA staked in a given period. The yield to stakers will be denominated in the RENA token.

Taking into account that the RENA token is mainly designed for staking and governance, the Warena team came up with a distinct path to access these staking rewards that are achieved by means of gameplay achievements.

This was one of the main motivations behind the introduction of the “legend” NFT character class.

Legend NFTs will be the only NFT characters that can be used as stakable assets to earn a revenue share.

This means that legendary characters are able to generate multiple streams of revenue:

  1. Gameplay revenue generated by the owner
  2. A share of gameplay revenue generated by a lessee
  3. Staking APY yield from platform revenue shares

As with all new platforms under development, the aforementioned information, in total, can be subject to change.


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