Warena unveils a part of its metaverse: Emporia

From the team that has been developing Warena, a new part of the game’s metaverse is being unveiled called Emporia — a gamified decentralized finance zone within Warena Metaverse.

Emporia is an on-chain NFT-land based ‘special’ area, within the Warena metaverse. However, Emporia is more than just a game with tradable and sellable utility-driven NFTs — the platform does much much more.

Within Emporia there are cities one can enter — the first being Eshuya, in the Sarama Highlands.

In the city, there are numerous destinations you can visit, including Bazaar — a DEX where players can not just trade $RENA & $WARE but also different assets in each chain (you can think of it as another Pancakeswap but in this case, the fees will go to the Warena Vault instead of Pancakeswap), the Warena Vault — a place where RENA holders can stake and earn the shared revenue with Warena (the more fees Bazaar take the more rewards the RENA holders will earn), and the Orchard — a place in which users can stake LP Tokens. More areas within the city will be unlocked in the future!

Each of these locations will allow players to do something different, such as

  • trading or swapping,
  • adding liquidity pools with farming-resource rewards, and
  • farming and gaining liquidity rewards.

The gamified platform also acts as the Warena vault so RENA holders can stake their tokens and earn shared revenue from the entire project.

The developers have released one part of an extensive map, as well as some of the backstory related to this land. There is clearly a strong mythos being created behind the scenes. If you happen to be into RPGs with deep storylines, Emporia might be worth your time to take a look at.


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