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3 min readMar 1, 2022


As all the Warenators are aware, we will release a brand-new function — World Boss in the next few days! Let us delve deeper to find out more about this function and the rewards you can earn when joining in battle with the bosses!

What is World Boss in Warena?

If you are familiar with other survival games then you probably have a clear idea of what a World Boss actually is. Basically, a World Boss is a raid boss-level monster that appears in the main, shared game world.

Like any other game, Warena World Boss has various stages and difficulties involving powerful bosses.

Every day there will be a World Boss created for all players to fight. The World Boss will appear at 6 AM UTC daily and disappear (whether defeated or not) at 11:59 PM UTC.

The main battle is the same as the current gameplay. Each player still plays at their own PvE map.

Each player can bring a maximum of 9 highest level NFTs to enter the World Boss Mode. Players can use up to 3 NFTs per battle.

Each NFT will have 1 free turn to join 1 World Boss battle every day. Players can use WARE to revive NFTs to fight the World Boss of the day.

Battling with a World Boss in Warena not only enhances your playing skills but also rewards you handsomely. Each victory has a guaranteed reward attached to it. The result of the battle will calculate the damage done to the boss and cost accordingly to the World Boss’s HP display.

Check out the details below:

Who are the World Bosses in Warena?

World Bosses are rare enemies that appear in the Warena Survival world. These enemies are incredibly powerful and typically have randomly 3 levels of health.

Out of the 5 elements in the game, you can battle Bronte Sagt (Metal), Quintessa (Grass), Galvatron (Water), Azargog (Fire), and Beetle (Earth) for each day of the week.

For each battle, players will encounter the World Boss in Warena 2D Game along with its minions.

Up to the challenge? Choose and upgrade your best squad to have a chance at victory! Play Warena today for some of the most exhilarating boss battles and fiercest challenges.

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