Warena Status Report #001

What’s up fellow Warena Warriors!

Today we launch a new series over Medium, our very own Warena Status Report as the Warena 2D Game is around the corner.

Not everyone is signed up for our monthly newsletter (but if you are not, you really should be (sign up at the bottom of our website), so we wanted to impart some of the news happening behind the scenes as well as deliver some past, present and future initiatives from the marketing and dev teams.

Q4-2021 was crazy


It doesn’t seem that long ago, but Warena had its first Beta tests just under 4 months ago. Over 25,000 registrants joined and 15,284 players logged in. The team received 258 long-form feedback and 3221 short-form feedback from the participants.

Community Growth

The community engagement was quick and globally, Warena grew almost overnight.

By December, our Telegram had not only a global chat but also 10 local community chats, including ones for Vietnam, China, Philippines, Indonesia, Korea, India, Japan, Turkey, Spanish language, and Russia. Our total membership across all the channels currently stands at just under 150,000! The Warena Discord hosts 12000 members and on Twitter, we have 183k followers!

Ambassador Program

From the community growth, in December, we went in search of a new team of ‘Warena Guardians’ to help us facilitate communication, feedback, and education across different localities. From hundreds of applications we narrowed down 146 applicants and through interviews and follow-up questionnaires, we landed on 6 highly special individuals who are helping us carry the Warena message upwards and onwards.

Special Campaign with Illuvium

Out of the many social campaigns, Warena launched, one of our favourites had to be the NFT cosplay event with Illuvium. Participants simply had to follow some simple guidelines across both Warena and Illuvium social media platforms and 5 lucky winners received a Pangolin — Hellboy NFT.

Amazing Partners

Speaking of partners, Warena accumulated quite a few. Alongside our amazing community, Warena wouldn't be where it is without our equally amazing partnerships:

100 NFT Boxes Giveaway

To celebrate the end of 2021 and the holiday season, Warena launched a massive Christmas campaign, giving away 100 NFT mystery boxes. “A Very Warrior Xmas” ran four different contests, with a number of fun engagement activities for the community to join, including a surprise gift drop to a few of the game’s active community leaders.

You would think giving away 100 NFTs was a good way to end the year, but no, Warena had one more project to unveil.

DeFi Gaming added

Emporia is a DeFi game within the Warena metaverse. Located in a special area, Emporia is more than just a game with tradable and sellable utility-driven NFTs. There is also a DEX (the Bazaar) where players can trade $RENA & $WARE as well as other assets in each chain (you can think of it as another Pancakeswap but in this case, the fees will go to the Warena Vault instead), the Warena Vault — a place where RENA holders can stake and earn the shared revenue with Warena (the more fees Bazaar take the more rewards the RENA holders will earn), and the Orchard — a place in which users can stake LP Tokens.

Emporia will be developed alongside Warena, so stay tuned for more as new areas become unlocked.

2022 Starts Off With A Bang

Starting on Jan 12th, our players have started to buy (the 12th) and then open (the 14th) mystery boxes from the Warena Marketplace. Binance NFT also has Warena mystery boxes for sale and these are able to be redeemed on the 17th.

The 19th of January is the big day as the game officially launches — Warena: Survival 2D Game!

About Warena

With the vision of bringing blockchain games to mass adoption, Warena is the world’s first cross-over Play-to-Earn game that allows you to PLAY, EXPERIENCE and EARN in an expansive metaverse using your personalized NFT character.

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