Warena Status Report #002

9 min readJun 6, 2022

Welcome to the Warena Status report. So much has been happening behind the scenes and we’re so happy to share some updates about Warena, both what we’ve accomplished this quarter as well as our plans for the future.

Together we transcend reality with Warena, the world’s first cross-over Metaverse where you play, earn and experience with your personalized NFT character, and this quarter has been ground-breaking (pun intended) in terms of what we have accomplished. We introduced new characters, new game modes, a new currency and most importantly, broke ground on the Warena Metaverse with the giveaway of the first round of Warena metaverse land NFT.

YouTube Community Reactions Tournament

After the game launched, we wanted to immediately have a way to give back to the community. With the YouTube Community Reactions Tournament, Warena community members were able to win rewards for the most creative, most educational and most community loved reaction videos to the Warena gameplay and first ever story trailer.

Introducing RAMAN

With the great weapon that fractured space and time, Warena has been invaded by creatures from many different realities. This quarter saw the introduction of Raman. Raman is the first character of the Demon race. Raman is one of the last Demonic Battlemasters, rare individuals who can combine powerful Hellfire with the devastating firepower of advanced combat technologies. Despite his chosen path of violence, and killing for fame and honour, Raman is deeply concerned with the fate of his people after he discovered the portal that connected his homeworld to Warena, a land plagued with zombies and corrupted machines!

Harmony One Partnership

Warena is thrilled to announce we have successfully applied for a Port grant with Harmony One to build a cross-chain bridge between $RENA and ONE.

Team Warena has been working on bridging our game, marketplace, and other components from Warena-BSC to the Warena-ONE chain. The team will upgrade the progress in the next quarter, both through Warena Community group chats and the Harmony Discussion forum.

Warena’s World Boss Mode

In World Boss Mode, players can fight the World Boss of the day, high-level enemies with 1 billion HP. There is no energy needed to play and costs WARE to buy more turns in battle. You will be rewarded with upgrade items in World Boss Mode and can earn WARE rewards for ranking (ranking is by damage done to Boss HP).

Emporia Spring Lands Giveaway

This April began the next evolution of Warena and the beginning of the true Warena Metaverse. To mark the beginning of this next phase of the game, the Warena team gave away some of the first NFT Land of Emporia. Emporia is a virtual metaverse where players can own, mine, farm, and develop their own land. Community members were able to win some of the very first Emporia Land NFT through referrals, both through our official Discord channel as well as through the Warena Marketplace.

As part of the giveaway, Warena gave out 3 Golden Land (Moonlit Glades), the most valuable land in Emporia with the highest rate of resource spawning. In addition, 30 Regular lands (Forlorn Woods) were also given away.

Introducing $EMP — the Warena Discord Currency

The Tokenomics of any Play and Earn game is a critical factor in providing value to the player for their time and investment into the game world. Warena is always trying to find ways to reward our community, not just in the game, but for all the ways the community supports the game and offers feedback. Just like we battle in teams to survive in Warena, the Warena team would be nothing without the support of our amazing community.

This is why we are happy to introduce a new Warena currency; $EMP. The $EMP currency will be the official currency of the Warena Discord community. Community members who earn $EMP can then use it to exchange for RENA once a month with a rate of RENA/EMP: 1/100 (minimum exchange: 3000 $EMP). The community has a variety of ways to earn $EMP including; weekly quizzes, daily chat in the #general-chat, inviting new members to the Discord, by playing games in #casino, with more ways to earn to be unveiled shortly. This system allows our community to earn even when they are not playing the game by being a proactive and a positive force in our community.

Warena launches its referral program

We consider our community to be part of the Warena team, and thus we are always looking to reward those in our community who grow the game. The Spring Lands Giveaway is an example of how we always look to offer the best in-game rewards for those that bring new players into the Warena metaverse. Even though that contest has ended, we continually offer rewards through our Warena Referral Program. Similar to the Spring Lands Giveaway, players can earn rewards by referring friends to make their first purchase on the Warena marketplace or by joining the official Warena Discord.

Those who refer new members to the community will be branded as Warena Envoys and will be rewarded in stages (along with the referred) based on the new player’s milestones.

Warena Free-to-Play Mode

Warena is now offering a new model for all users to experience the Survival 2D game. The new game mode is called Trial Mode. Trial Mode is a Free-to-Play game mode by which new users can experience and try out the game without needing to pay or purchase NFTs.

This mode allows players to “try before they buy” and see why so many players are investing in the Warena metaverse. Players will be able to play the 2D survival game as normal. You will still receive rewards (minus $WARE) and can use them to power up your NFT to see how the game system works. The NFTs given to the player do not sit on the blockchain so they cannot be sold or transferred but allows those who are curious about the game to see how the game system and progression systems work and why Warena is such a good Play and Earn ecosystem to join into.

Lend and Rent Warena NFT easier with Double Protocol

The high price level for some NFTs is often a concern for many gamers and a hurdle for those interested in trying out new games. To solve this issue, Double Rental Protocol has built NFT lending and renting platform, where users can earn passive income by lending their in-game NFTs while others can rent them to use instead of buying NFTs to play. This encourages new users to play and earn through games while simultaneously providing passive income for the NFT owners. It’s a win-win situation and allows new users to “try before you buy,” thus increasing the user base of the gaming platform itself.

Emporia is pleased to announce our partnership with Double Protocol. The Double NFT Rental Protocol loves the Emporia metaverse and thinks this partnership will help both parties in a very mutually beneficial way. The Emporia team is thrilled with this partnership and we feel it will increase our user base by making the game more accessible to a larger audience.

Essence and Evolve NFT

Emporia recently introduced Essence. After developing and upgrading your key NFT characters, many players are often left with a surplus of lesser used, often common NFT. Essence is a way in which players can use their lesser utilized NFT to gain Essence, and further evolve their best NFT. Players can burn their lesser desired NFT to earn Essence. The amount and type of Essence received are dependent on the rarity of the NFT burned. Players can then take this Essence and use it in the Essence shop to buy certain items or to evolve their favourite NFT.

Once your favourite NFTs have reached their maximum level, players can evolve them to further amplify their stats. Each NFT has 7 phases of Evolve with a specific success rate, required Essence and WARE. After each successful phase of Evolve, the success rate of further evolution will decrease. Upon a successful Evolve, the NFT will return to level 1, but a certain amount of resources spent to level up the NFT will be refunded (no skill resources will be refunded).

No one can plan their NFT and inventory management perfectly, therefore Essence allows dedicated players with deep inventories to use their unused NFT to create more resources that can be applied to Evolving and levelling up their preferred and favourite warriors!

Develop Emporia Metaverse with Rove

It’s NOT easy to build a Metaverse from scratch, therefore we are very pleased to announce our partnership with Rove. Rove is a Metaverse as service provider who works to help a variety of Metaverse to develop and improve by providing technical backend support.

Rove and Emporia both have a common vision, to create a Metaverse founded on social connections and virtual communities. Creating positive and exciting virtual spaces takes both technical knowledges as well as a broader unified vision of the Metaverse as a whole. The Rove partnership will greatly enhance the Emporia Metaverse by helping to enhance and further develop Emporia through a mutually beneficial partnership.

Emporia 3D private beta registration

The time has finally come. The Emporia 3D Metaverse is upon us! Be one of the first to enter Emporia by registering for the Emporia 3D beta test.

⏰ Registration: June 1st — June 12th, 2022

📣 Whitelist Announcement: June 14th, 2022

🎮 Official 3D Game Private Beta Launch: June 22th, 2022

The Emporia Beta test is open for the first 10,000 qualified participants. To enter the Emporia beta, participants must:

  • Hold at least 100 RENA
  • Hold at least 1 Warena NFT Warrior
  • Be a member of the official Warena Discord channel.


The Emporia 3D Beta test will have various reward events to help you make the most of your time during this Beta launch period. This is one of the most crucial steps in the evolution of Emporia and provides a time for honest unfiltered feedback as to what players like and dislike, allowing us to perfect things before the official launch.

For upcoming events, please refer to the official Warena Twitter.

About Warena

With the vision of bringing blockchain games to mass adoption, Warena is the world’s first cross-over Play-to-Earn game that allows you to PLAY, EXPERIENCE and EARN in an expansive metaverse using your personalized NFT character.

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Warena 3D has arrived! Explore an expansive virtual world where you can form guilds, farm, hunt, gather, and play games, all using in-game assets.