Warena Status Report #003

6 min readJul 1, 2022

Welcome to the Warena Status report. In this report, we will be looking back at some of the key developments of the last month as well as looking forward to some great new things coming on the horizon. This month the Emporia Metaverse took huge steps forward, with some of the very first Land NFTs finding their very first owners, as well as the launch of the Warena 3D Beta within Emporia.

This is a critical time for us, as we work hard to realize the true potential of the Emporia Metaverse. The beauty of play-to-earn gaming is that consumers are no longer relegated to simply being fans and consumers, but actively own and earn as the system grows. The Warena community’s feedback and opinions, therefore, are even more pertinent as we look to shape the Metaverse in meaningful and exciting ways. Our goal with this beta test is to enlist the assistance of present users in order to improve the game. The designs are not final, thus this is a key stage of development in shaping the game according to our community feedback while introducing new features that will be in the official 3D version.

Warena 3D Beta has landed

One of the biggest events this month was the release of the Warenea 3D Beta. Warena lovers can enter the Emporia Metaverse and play both the 2D and 3D versions of Warena. The Warena 3D Beta is the community’s direct route to improve gameplay and game mechanics by offering feedback as we push to bring the full release later this year. The community’s feedback is critical in developing a game that meets the needs of players, the 3D beta is now open and there is an assortment of in-game activities and events to win Mystery Boxes and Land NFT in Emporia including:

  • In-Game Leaderboard: Compete against each other in a variety of mini-games to earn rewards. Leaderboards are ranked by Materials received and overall performance.
  • Bugs Bounty Hunting: Play the 3D Beta, find bugs and clearly report them for a chance to win rewards.
  • The Amazing Guild Flag: Land NFT ownership opens up the possibility for players to start their own guilds. Your Guild Flag will be a great opportunity to showcase your Guild’s personality and style. Post your flag design for a chance to win.

👉 Play the Warena 3D Beta at: https://play.warena.io/game/phase-2

*Available for Web, Android and iOS.

Warena receives grant to launch on Harmony

Warena, the cross-chain play-to-earn game that is part of the Emporia Metaverse, is coming to the Harmony One blockchain. Warena was granted a 1,210,654 $ONE funding grant from Harmony in order to build a cross-chain bridge between $RENA, the main token of the Emporia Metaverse, and ONE.

The partnership will mutually benefit both parties, with the grant funds being directly used to improve key areas of the game including new game systems, acquisition of new game developers, more complex staking systems, and an increased marketing presence. These improvements will result in better value for project development and user benefits on the Harmony One chain.

Warena x Rove NFT Airdrop

This month we celebrated our partnership with Rove with 150 free Rock and Home NFTs Airdrop. Rove is a Metaverse as a service provider, and this partnership will help Warena and community members to build their own metaverse and personal 3D spaces.

Participants who completed a small set of tasks were able to get one of 150 Rock and Home NFT. With these NFT, users can do a variety of activities including creating their own home on the rock NFT, decorating their home with 3D objects, customizing their home with non-NFT and NFT art from your crypto wallet, and creating virtual hangouts for you and your friends to hang out together in your new pad!

The Warena x Rove: Metaverse NFT Airdrop was a successful IMO event for both pirates. The community showed up in force, with 12,800 users participating. The winners for this event have been selected. To see if you were a lucky winner of one of the 150 Rock and Home NFT, please check out the list of winners at: https://bit.ly/3NnrfAb

Monthly Token Burn

With the recent turbulence within the market, we’re always looking for ways to create value for our players to protect their long-term goals. Even the most well-intentioned projects founded on the concepts of decentralization and community empowerment can falter with a tokenomic system that isn’t balanced or fair.

Token burns destroy the number of Tokens in order to reduce the total supply existing in the Warena system. The burned Token will not belong to any account and will be lost forever. Warena has implemented the burning of 5% of our revenue at the end of each month. The monthly burn began in April of this year and will continue until September, at which time our holders/investors will hold a DAO governance to adjust the burn rate if needed. Warena is committed to creating a fair and balanced tokenomics that maintain a healthy system. We do not gain from burning tokens and look to use this monthly Token burn to balance the game while creating scarcity to increase the value of the $RENA Token.

50 Land NFTs in Emporia find their very first owners

Owning land in Emporia opens up endless opportunities to explore the Metaverse. Land ownership allows you to play additional games, earn additional income, build your own guild, create a variety of buildings that each serve a special purpose, ability to stake, and be a part of key governance voting.

The first 50 Land NFTs in Emporia have now officially made their way to their first owners. Apart from being able to view your property on the Emporia maps, Emporia Land NFT is also viewable in your inventory on the Warena Marketplace. Land NFT will open up an endless amount of possibilities in terms of resource management and player development, don’t miss out on your chance to own some of the most sought-after Land NFT in the Emporia Metaverse.

About Warena

Warena is a cross-chain play-to-earn sandbox game that is part of the Emporia Metaverse. Character-driven NFT fight for the survival of earth in an amazing post-apocalyptic sci-fi world. Emporia is the virtual world in which Warena takes place. Emporia is a finite virtual space that is purchasable, transferable, and mineable, featuring endless player utility and a variety of active and passive ways to utilize your assets to get the most out of the platform. Emporia has its own decentralized finance zone (Eshuya city) and variable terrains that provide different types of benefits to the owner based on location and topography. PLAY, EXPERIENCE, and MONETIZE using your in-game assets in a large variety of minigames and in-game activities.

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Warena 3D has arrived! Explore an expansive virtual world where you can form guilds, farm, hunt, gather, and play games, all using in-game assets.