All About Warena DeFi Emporia (Part. 2)

5 min readMar 24, 2022

In the first part of our Warena DeFi Emporia, we introduced Emporia and explained WHAT is inside Emporia.

As mentioned in Part 1, Resource Points (RPs) are places where special types of resources can be exploited or normal resources found but in more abundance. Each type of terrain can generate different types of Resource Points:

  • Soil — minerals
  • Forest — a herd of animals, berries
  • Water — a school of fish

Resource Points serve as the basis for which players will create their resource inventory, in which to build and transact within Emporia. Every piece of land within Emporia has all the different types of Resource Points, but in different proportions, making each piece of land have its own unique value depending on what type of resource output the owner is looking to achieve.

The Resource Points will then provide the owner with passive income based on the RP terrain type and which architecture is built to process which resources. Besides that, players can engage in a variety of minigames to actively earn and farm resources as well.

There are two ways of mining Resource Points:

  • Idle (Passive Income) — Build the corresponding mining architecture at that RP location for a daily passive income of the respective resource type.
  • Minigames (Active Income) — Instead of building architecture, everyday players can actively play Minigames from each type of RP to receive corresponding resources.

In this article, we will be looking at HOW we can generate active income from the resources within the land of Emporia to further our journey into the Warena Metaverse.

Minigame in RP

(Note: final names and design of the minigames are not yet final, any pictures used are for illustrative purposes only)

1. Whack-A-Mole

  • With a mallet in hand, the player is faced with some holes, each hole having a mole holding a mineral and ready to pop up. When a mole pops up, you must hit it with the mallet to win the mineral it’s holding.
  • The more combo you hit, the higher the quality/quantity of minerals received.
  • The playing duration depends on the character’s mining skills.

2. Hunting

  • Point the bow towards the direction you want to shoot, press, and hold until it reaches a certain power level, then release the bowstring to hit the animal you want to kill.
  • Each animal has a different amount of HP and requires different damage to kill.
  • Damage and shooting speed depends on the character’s hunting skills.

3. Fruit Picking

  • Pick the fruit by remembering and choosing the correct position of 2 of the same fruits in the game.
  • The playing duration depends on the character’s picking skills.

4. Fishing

  • Choose a place to drop and wait for the fish to bite the hook, then press the button at the right time to catch the fish.
  • The playing duration depends on the character’s fishing skills.


When there are enough of the necessary resources (wood/rock/iron) the player can build new architecture in his land by choosing from the available preset architectures.

Main Building

The main architecture of the land, you can only build 1 main structure and upgrade it gradually.

  • Home — There are many types of housing corresponding to the types of terrain.
  • Farmland — Homestead, farms of the reclaimers.
  • Forest — Treehouse, houses built on trees for the forester.
  • Water — Floater, floating houses on the water.
  • Guild Hall — Guild headquarters, players need to buy land and build a Guild Hall if they want to create a Guild.

Production House

Resource Point mining architectures.

  • Requires corresponding RPs and necessary resources (wood/rock/iron) to build.
  • Each RP can build a corresponding mining architecture.
  • Hunter Camp — hunting and harvesting animals
  • Mine — extracting valuable minerals from the RP
  • Orchard — harvesting berries
  • Fishing House — rearing, catching and selling fish

With the new launch of Emporia in the Warena Metaverse, it will open up more opportunities for players to understand not only the gameplay but also the future of Warena.

Stay tuned for Warena DeFi Land (Part. 3) to learn about the Economy System in the Warena Metaverse.

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